What Is the Value of a Complete Set of Goebel Hummel Plates?

As of 2014, the value of a complete set of Goebel Hummel plates is determined by the value of individual plates in the collection. Individual plates are valued from under $20 to over $400. For example, the 1971 Heavenly Angel plate is valued between $189 and $450, depending on condition.

Many Goebel Hummel plates are worth between $20 and $40 apiece. Another thing that determines value is boxing. For instance a boxed Goose Girl plate is valued at $31.99 as of 2014, while a Goose Girl plate without a box is worth $17.99. The collection value of Goebel Hummel plates is also dependent on the current collector’s market. As of 2010, Hummel plates were continuing to lose value as the desire to own them decreases.