How Do You Usher in a Church?

usher-church Credit: jim pruitt/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Ushers in a church escort people to open seats, help collect offerings and act as leaders in the act of worshipping. The job of church ushers is to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order before, during and after the service, according to Ministry Magazine.

Ushers are considered leaders within the church, and they are expected to set the proper tone for the congregation with their attitudes and actions. They are also expected to act as a point of reference for churchgoers and to familiarize themselves with members of the congregation.

It is considered good practice for ushers to know and understand the preferred seating of regular congregation members and to ensure that those members receive seats in that area of the church to the best of their ability. The strategic placement of congregation members is also considered of high importance. Ministry Magazine advises that the best location for parents with small children, for example, is toward the back of the sanctuary so that they can easily move in and out without disrupting the sermon. Likewise, Ministry Magazine also recommends that ushers not place large groups of children in a single location, which ensures that as few disruptions or distractions during the sermon as possible.