What Are the Uses of Nystatin Cream?


Topical Nystatin cream is used to treat fungal infection. Nystatin contains antifungal properties that prohibit the growth of fungus. WebMD explains that Nystatin is often prescribed for diaper rash or skin infections related to candida yeast. Nystatin may be useful for ringworm of the beard or scalp too.

Nystatin cream should be applied twice per day to the infected skin and the skin surrounding the infection. The dosage and length of treatment depends on the type and severity of the rash. WebMD states that patients must complete the full treatment to avoid a rapid recurrence of the infection. Nystatin cream is not intended for use in the mouth, vagina, nose or eyes.

Nystatin is also available in caplet form that is taken orally, usually three times daily, and is prescribed to treat fungal infections within the body. WebMD notes that when used for treating fungal infections, Nystatin tablets stop fungus from growing. It can take just a few days to several months for Nystatin to work.