What Are the Uses of Eucalyptus Wood?

Steven Greaves/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Eucalyptus wood is primarily harvested for use in the construction industry. Wood from these trees is used for heavy construction, such as building commercial structures including shopping centers and apartment complexes, and for crafting furniture and household accessories, such as bowls and wooden spoons.

Eucalyptus wood is relatively plentiful and inexpensive, which makes it a valuable item among woodworkers, carpenters and construction companies. Wood from these trees is generally flexible and easy with which to work. It is easy to cut and slice, sand, polish and finish, and absorbs primers and paints quite well. Eucalyptus trees produce wood that is distinct in color and smell, which makes it valuable for aesthetic uses as well as commercial and industrial uses. Wood from these trees is red to rusty brown in appearance and darkens as it ages. The addition of a finishing coat can enhance the natural color of Eucalyptus wood, too, and gives dark crimson woods and shavings richer, more robust shades. Eucalyptus woods have loosely interlocked grains, which may have rippled or fiddleback patterns depending on growing conditions. Eucalyptus wood has a medium to coarse appearance and texture, and is resistant to termites and other insects. When cut, this wood remains strong and dense, and it may last up to 20 years without decaying.