What Are Some Useful Confucius Sayings?


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Confucius says that everything in the world has beauty but that not everyone can see it, and that a person is lost if he learns but does not also think. Another useful saying from Confucius tells listeners that there is no glory in failing to fall in life, but rather glory lies in getting up after each fall.

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Even though everything contains an element of beauty, Confucius says that not everyone can see the world's beauty. With this quote, Confucius encourages listeners to keep an open mind and to look for the positive aspects of each situation. Similarly, Confucius says that a person wanting to complete sound work must first sharpen his tools. He encourages visual learning with the saying that a person who only hears forgets while a person who does, understands.

Confucius also encourages people to think critically. His quote that "He who learns but does not think, is lost" encourages the listener not merely to memorize facts but also to think about what he learns and apply it to life. Similarly, Confucius believes that learning is necessary for sound thinking, and he says that a person that thinks without learning is in "great danger."

Another helpful Confucius saying emphasizes that glory lies in getting up and trying again after each failure. Confucius also encourages each person to search her own heart. If a person finds nothing wrong in her own heart, Confucius says that she has nothing to fear.

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