How Do You Find Free Used Tires?

Tire repair shops and posters on Craigslist frequently offer used tires at no cost; doing so helps reduce labor, transportation and recycling fees for them. provides information about regional and state scrap tire programs and regulations.

Some states require a special license to haul tires and impose a fee for doing so. This information can be found on each state’s Department of Ecology website.

Tires can trap methane gases, which results in buoyancy. This bubbling effect can harm landfill liners that are installed to help keep landfill contaminants from polluting local surface and ground water. Tire stockpiles present a tremendous health and safety concern; tire fires occur easily and often burn for lengthy periods of time, leading to substantial air and ground pollution. Consequently, many states have adopted scrap tire programs to reduce the environmental impact of tire waste.

There are many uses for disposed tires, including hot melt asphalt, lightweight backfill in gas venting systems and sports field turf. Cut up tires can be used in garden beds as bark mulch to hold in the water and reduce weed growth. Buildings and household items can be created with recycled tires. Large tires are used for flipping, an exercise to build strength and endurance, while small tires are often used in obstacle courses and as garden planters.