How Do You Use a Voodoo Doll in Spells?

According to Voodoo Museum, it is necessary to name a Voodoo doll and personalize it before using it in a spell. After naming and personalizing the doll, practitioners may add herbs or other materials to the doll. Stick pins are often used to indicate the practitioner's intent. Some dolls are kept and used for many years after being named, while others are buried or disposed of after use.

  1. Name the doll

    Voodoo Museum states that a naming ceremony can be completed by pinning a photo of the intended person to the doll, or writing the person's name on a piece of paper and pinning the paper to the doll. Personal effects, such as hair or fingernail clippings, can be added to the doll's stuffing during the naming ceremony.

  2. Add herbs or other ingredients to the doll

    Traditional Voodoo practitioners may add herbs, flowers or other ingredients to the doll's stuffing. For instance, rose petals can be added to the doll to represent love.

  3. Stick pins or thorns in the doll

    Practitioners of traditional Voodoo place pins in the doll based on the intention of the spell. For example, a pin may be stuck in the head of the doll to represent gaining knowledge. The color and placement of the stick pins may vary based on the beliefs of the practitioner.