How Do You Use the Tanzil Quran Navigator?

To use the Tanzil Quran Navigator, go to and use the search tool on the left-hand side of the page to browse for verses in the Quran. On the search tool, you can limit your search to a particular verse, page or chapter of the Quran.

Under Recitation, click on the Play button to listen to a recitation of the Quran. Click on the arrow pointing downwards next to the name of the current recitation to view a list of recitations to play. Choose one recitation from the list and then click on the Play button to listen to it.

To select the number of times you want the media player to repeat a particular line of the recitation, click モX1ヤ next to the arrow pointing downwards and select a number from the list. The Tanzil Quran Navigator highlights the words in the recitation as they appear in the Quran.

You can also select a language under the Translation section of the website. Click on the Translation link at the top section of the home page, and then select one language under the Translation category on the left-hand side of the page. To adjust the text, use the options under Quran. Change the display settings by clicking on the menu located under Display Options.