How Do You Use Sponge Curlers?

Terry J Alcorn/E+/Getty Images

Sponge curlers are large, cylindrical pieces of sponge with a plastic clasp. They’re used for making curls in your hair. To use sponge curlers, you need a curling iron, sponge curlers and a hair brush.

  1. Curl your hair

    Separate your hair into 1-inch sections. Place the end of the first section of hair in a heated curling iron, and curl it up towards your scalp. Take the curling iron out, and let the curled hair fall.

  2. Place the curl in a sponge curler

    While the curl is still hot, place the end of the curl around a sponge curler. Wrap the sponge curler towards your scalp and close it.

  3. Repeat the first two steps

    Repeat the first two steps, one section of hair at a time, until all of your hair is wrapped in sponge curlers.

  4. Leave the sponge curlers in place

    Wait at least 20 minutes before taking the sponge curlers out of your hair.

  5. Release the sponge curlers

    Remove each sponge curler by opening the clasp and pulling it from your hair. Let each curl fall naturally.

  6. Brush your hair

    Use a hair brush to gently brush your curls to loosen them. Don’t brush the curls out of your hair.