How Do You Use Scotts Step 2 Lawn Fertilizer?

For the best results with Scotts Step 2 lawn fertilizer, use a seed spreader and apply the fertilizer while the grass is wet. Apply it in the morning when the ground is still soaked in dew or after a thorough watering of the lawn.

Scotts Step 2 works to kill weeds, and it sticks to the leaves of the weeds when they are wet. This step in the Scotts lawn program should be done at least 30 days after step one. The first step is designed to nourish the lawn and get rid of crabgrass, and it should be done between February and April.

Step two eliminates weeds. This step should not be done more than twice per year, and the lawn should not be watered for a full day after the fertilizer has been spread. This step should be done between April and June.

Step three is a fertilizer with iron in it, and it should be put down between June and August.

The final step is designed to keep the lawn healthy through the fall. Step two kills dandelions and broad-leaf weeds while helping thick, healthy grass grow. Be sure to keep all fertilizer away from eyes, and if possible, wear gloves while spreading to keep the chemicals off of the skin.