How Do We Use Science in Everyday Life?

Blaek Design Studio / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Science and the variety of innovations it has spawned are used in everyday life on a regular basis. Without science, society would suffer fundamentally in several different areas. There would be no electricity and no plastic, and modern agricultural would be fundamentally crippled. Additionally, the medical community benefits greatly from the use of science and research. Many pharmaceutical companies develop their products with the aid of the scientific method.

Science is utilized almost daily in most modern cultures, particularly through the use of electricity. Electricity and its applications were developed by a long line of pioneering scientists, including Benjamin Franklin and Alessandro Volta. Science helps modern society understand electricity and magnetism and allows the usage of power generators, telephone lines, televisions and lights.

Synthetic plastics were also developed by chemists in laboratories. Chemistry, a scientific branch, is married deeply to modern society. These developed plastics can be used for purposes as diverse as body armor and dental floss. According to University of California, Berkeley’s Understanding Science, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have benefited incredibly from the use of science as well. Without science, society would not have access to an incredible depth of knowledge on different vaccines, surgeries and medical conditions.