How Do You Use a Rising Sign Calculator?


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An online rising sign calculator allows users to discover their rising sign by entering their date, time, and city of birth, according to HoroscopesWithin.com. The calculator additionally provides a description of personality traits and behaviors associated with the user's rising sign.

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The rising sign, or ascendant, is calculated by locating the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, states AlwaysAstrology.com. The use of birth parameters gives the rising sign its significance, because it is so specific to the individual that it can provide information about their environment and childhood. The traits associated with the rising sign can appear as the first personality traits that one shows, and represent the personality assumed by first impressions. Over time, some astrologists claim that the sign becomes weaker, and the rising sign may merge with the actual sun sign as one personality.

The rising sign can be located on personal horoscopes under the first house cusp, according to HoroscopesWithin.com. The traits associated with the rising sign are supposed to represent public persona and perception by others. Rising signs can also be referred to as Astrological Masks. If the user does not know their time of birth, the calculator can estimate the rising sign based on the date and city of birth if noon is entered at the time of birth.

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