How Do You Use Regular Playing Cards for Fortune Telling?

Use regular playing cards to tell the future by associating the four suits with four elements, attaching meaning to each number on a card and drawing a spread of cards out of the deck while thinking of a question or problem. Hearts are meant to represent water, clubs represent fire, diamonds represent earth, and spades represent air.

Some people pull one card out of the deck to get a quick answer to a question, while others pull three cards to represent the past, the present and the future. A larger spread involves pulling out three cards for multiple categories such as family, friends and the outcome of a specific situation.

The ace of hearts is a positive card that represents love, happiness and problems going away. The 10 of spades is supposed to represent worry and bad news, while the six of spades represents small changes and improvements. The ace of diamonds is supposed to represent good news or a change that may be related to money, while a six of diamonds corresponds to a break-up or separation. A 10 of clubs is said to represent business success, while a two of clubs represents obstacles to success or mean-spirited gossip.