How Do You Use Peroxide to Lighten Hair?

Darron Birgenheier/CC-BY 2.0

To lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide, spray it on your hair until you achieve your goal shade. Each treatment takes just seconds to apply, and successive applications intensify the lightening effect. The supplies you need for this procedure are hydrogen peroxide, an opaque plastic spray bottle, liquid hand soap, a mirror and a hairbrush.

  1. Fill the bottle

    Fill the spray bottle with warm water and a tiny drop of liquid hand soap. Cover the bottle’s mouth with your thumb, and shake it vigorously. Dump the water out, rinse the bottle thoroughly, and fill it with hydrogen peroxide. Attach the cap, and press the spray button several times to prime the pump.

  2. Brush your hair

    Remove your jewelry, put on an old shirt, and brush your hair.

  3. Spray the peroxide

    Mist your hair with the hydrogen peroxide. Hold the bottle about 12 inches from your head. Keep the peroxide off of your skin, and do not spray it near dark textiles, wallpaper or leather furniture. To lighten all of your hair, apply the peroxide evenly over your head. If you prefer to create highlights, apply extra peroxide to the sections you wish to highlight.

  4. Evaluate the results

    Examine your hair on the following day. Apply the peroxide daily until you achieve the look you want, and then perform periodic touch-ups.