How Do You Use Ordinary Playing Cards for Tarot Readings?


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To use a standard deck of playing cards for divination in a method similar to tarot cards, choose a spread, and draw the required number of cards from the deck. Interpret the cards based on the traditionally accepted meanings assigned to the corresponding tarot cards.

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To use playing cards in place of tarot cards, choose a spread, and shuffle the cards. Place the deck face-down, and randomly select cards from the deck. A popular option is to lay three cards out to represent the past, present and future. Alternately, one card can be drawn for a quick answer. The cards are interpreted based on the card number and suit of each card in the spread.

Both playing cards and tarot cards have traditional meanings that are often used in divination. For instance, the ace of spades traditionally indicates a difficult situation, while the three of spades traditionally indicates a separation. The meaning of individual cards are positive or negative based on the meaning of other cards in the spread.

It is necessary to learn the traditionally accepted meaning for each suit in a deck of playing cards to use the cards in a method that is similar to tarot. Traditionally, hearts indicate emotions or relationships; spades relate to mental processes, ideas and words; diamonds relate to money and the physical body; and clubs relate to work, creativity and passions. The jack, queen and king generally represent people or situations when using standard playing cards.

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