How Do You Use the Online Scofield Study Bible?


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To use the Scofield Bible at DailyBibleOnline.com, select the desired book, chapter and verse from the drop down menus at the right of the page. The site displays the verse, along with Scofield's notes and exposition below. The Scofield Study Bible contains an introduction to each book that is designed to help the reader understand the ideas contained within it, and to encourage the reader to develop his own ideas.

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Other notes on a given verse are provided in the "Exposition" section at DailyBibleOnline.com. The notes offer summaries of ideas, comment on key words and suggest solutions to problems. The 1917 version of Scofield's Bible included an attempt to date Biblical events and contained the idea that there would be seven eras in God's dealing with mankind.

Scofield's notes on the Book of Revelation formed a basis for other academics, who elaborated on his ideas. Some academics have criticized Scofield for his alleged ignorance of certain contradictions and eschatological focus. The Oxford University Press continues to print updated versions of the Scofield Study Bible, translating it into different languages and updating the notes to match new translations in English. The 1917 version is available freely online, as it is in the public domain.

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