How Do You Use Kelly Blue Book to Get Used RV Prices?

To use the Kelley Blue Book to find prices of used RVs, collect the relevant RV details, and go to the appropriate sections in the book for the RV’s make and model. Check the suggested retail, trade-in and private party values of the RV based on the vehicle’s mileage and overall condition.

Information about the RV required to use the Kelley Blue Book includes the length and width of the vehicle, its weight and the number of axles it has.

The Kelley Blue Book is divided into sections, each providing information about a particular type of RV. Open the relevant section by using the tabs given on the edge of the pages.

To identify the RV’s manufacturer, go to the make or model cross-reference section. Browse the identifying columns to ensure that the RV options match perfectly. Look for information on added features under the Optional Equipment section. To know if the RV’s mileage falls within a range considered normal for its age, go through the Mileage Schedules section.

In addition, use the book to identify the RV’s make. The book lists RVs by their make alphabetically and sorts each make further by the year, from the oldest to the newest. The RV models available for various years are given below the heading.

The suggested retail value given in the book represents the price you are likely to pay to the dealer, the private-party value reflects the estimated price of the RV if it is sold or purchased privately, and the trade-in value indicates the vehicle’s value when it is traded in.