How Do You Use Find a Grave for Free?

There is no charge to use the Find a Grave website. Visitors can search the site’s database for graves from cemeteries around the world. If a visitor wants to add information to the site, membership is required.

Find a Grave is a website dedicated to cataloging graves throughout the world. To find a particular grave, visitors can search by name. The more information a visitor can provide, such as date of birth or date of death the more accurate the search results.

Users can also search for grave sites in various cemeteries around the world by using the cemetery lookup feature. Users enter the name of the cemetery in the search box, and the search returns a listing of cemeteries with a matching name. Users can narrow the search results by providing the state or country if the cemetery is outside of the United States.

All the searches on the Find a Grave website are free. Users can sign up for a free membership, but it is not required to conduct searches. However, members can add information to the Find a Grave database. For example, a member can add information about people buried at a specific cemetery. Information such as biographies and photographs can be added.