How Do You Use a Double Action Reverse Candle?

Using a double action reverse candle involves defining an intent, choosing the appropriate colors for the candle, butting and scribing the candle, and lighting the candle at the proper part of the Moon cycle. If the candle is bought from a store, it must be cleansed, consecrated and dressed.

Double action reversing candles are candles made with two colors of wax by dipping the lower half of the candle in a different color of wax. Green with a lower half in black is responsible for bringing in prosperity and repelling negativity and bad luck, red with black prevents the destruction of a relationship and white with black reverses any malicious spells.

To cleanse the candle, put the candle in a bowl of water, and rub it with sea salt. Then, pass it through incense smoke, turning it three times. Use a soft, clean cloth to dry the candle.

Burn the candle upside down to replace the negative with the positive. To butt the candle, cut the top part to make a flat bottom, and carve a wick on the bottom black end. Use a porcupine quill or needle to inscribe the desired outcome clockwise on the colored end and the malevolent quality counter clockwise on the black end. Dress the candle with any type of oil while speaking a prayer of purpose. The oil is rubbed from the center toward the ends. Light the candle on the last night of the Dark Moon to use the waning phase for removal of negative condition. Light the candle on the waxing phase of the First Crescent to attract the positive condition.