How Do You Use Chakra Color Therapy Charts?


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To use a Chakra color therapy chart for all seven Chakras, first place the coordinating color on each of the Chakras on the body. Take deep breaths while your body absorbs the energy of the colors. Focus on each Chakra separately and envision it as strong, balanced and in harmony. Allow the color swatches to stay on each of the Chakras for five to 10 minutes while you envision, know and feel each of the rainbow colors balancing your body.

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To correct a single Chakra that is out balance, first determine which Chakra needs to be balanced. Relax your body by closing your eyes and taking slow, deep breaths. Think back on your day and identify what feelings and emotions you felt that have left your body out of balance. To determine what Chakra correlates with which feeling, review the Seven Body Chakras chart.

Once the out of balance Chakra is determined, select the Chakra color therapy swatch that matches with the Chakra. If multiple Chakras are out of balance, select the correlating swatches. Place the swatches on their related Chakras and imagine the color coming through the body into the Chakra while you visualize the Chakra and its affiliated body systems coming into balance. Take three to five minutes to complete this until the Chakra's balance feels restored.

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