How Do You Use Boric Acid to Kill Ants?

To kill ants, mix boric acid with a sweet substance and an oily substance, place it in the area near where ants pass and determine which solution attracts the ants. In most cases, the number of ants decreases within a few days.

  1. Mix the boric acid

    Purchase boric acid in the pharmacy. Mix the powder with jelly diluted in water. Make a second mix of peanut butter and boric acid. Sweets attract some ants while fats attract others.

  2. Place both solutions

    Put a small amount of the bait inside a short section of soda straw to create a bait station. If you see lines of ants, place both types of bait stations in the line. Observe to see which station attracts them. Place 20 to 30 bait stations filled with the preferred bait near the areas ants tend to gather and allow them to feed on the bait.

  3. Watch for improvement

    The ants take a few grains of boric acid back to the colony with each trip. Eventually, a worker ant feeds the bait to the queen and kills her. Once the queen dies, the colony no longer produces more ants. Within a few days, the number of ants in the home should begin to decrease.