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The Universal Life Church is a non-denominational religious organization that offers online ordinations as a ULC minister for free. The church has no standing doctrine and simply believes in doing what is right. With a ULC ordination, an individual can perform legal wedding ceremonies, baptism and funeral ceremonies as a pastor or priest. The ULC's long term goals is to ordain as many people as possible and spread its message of fraternity and peace.

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The Universal Life Church's beliefs are eternal progression, a fuller for life for everyone, living and helping lives, and unity. Reverend Kirby J. Hensley founded ULC under the name Life Church in 1959. Hensley believed that religion should be an entirely personal matter, and individuals should be allowed to chose their beliefs as along as they don't tramp on the religion of others. Ordained ministers could be any religion, from atheists to Christians.

The ULC has been criticized for lacking substance in its training and development of its ordination ministers, and simply looking to make profit. Famous people that have become ordained ministers through ULC are John Lennon, Kevin Smith and Johnny Carson. The church's headquarters are in Sacramento, California, and there are more than 18 million members.

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