What Are Some Unique Biblical Names?


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Some unique Biblical names are Baalah, Kelaiah, Tanhumeth, Neballat, Gabbatha, Zacchaeus, Yehezkel and Uzzen-sherah. Wikipedia lists approximately 2,600 Biblical proper names, and many Biblical names pertain to the job or station in life of the bearer of the name. For instance, Baalah means "she that is governed or subdued" and can also refer to a spouse or mistress. The longest name in the Bible is Maher-shalal-hash-baz.

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Certain Biblical names are unique although they are not frequently used as modern names as of 2014. For instance, Cain and Abel are well-known Biblical figures. Goliath and Judas are well-known by students of the Bible but are rare names among people as of 2014.

Some Biblical names are derived from feelings of hope or purposes inspired by God, and some describe aspects of history. Biblical names can be part of family histories according to Jewish custom. Traits of individual people also sometimes contribute to names. For example, Nabal means "fool." Names also may show a family relationship or relate to animals.

In more-recent history, Biblical names have been used with varying levels of popularity. The most commonly used names prior to the Protestant Reformation included Daniel, David, Adam and Solomon. After the Reformation, popular names included Moses, Elijah and Joshua. As of 2014, John and Mary are the most frequently used Biblical names.

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