How Do You Unfreeze a Computer Mouse?

Gary John Norman/Cultura/Getty Images

For a wired or wireless mouse, unplug the USB cable, or plug and reconnect it to correct the problem. Unfreeze a laptop mouse by enabling the touchpad. To do this, you will use the Fn key and the Touchpad key.

  1. Locate the Fn key

    Find the Fn key located between the Alt and Ctrl keys at the bottom left of your laptop keyboard. Press and hold the Fn key.

  2. Look for the touchpad icon

    The touchpad icon is located on different keys depending on the laptop you are using. The touchpad icon looks like a touchpad with a division slash across it. Usually, this touchpad icon is located on the F7 or F9 keys. With Fn key still pressed, press the Touchpad key.

  3. Test the mouse

    Place your finger on the touchpad, and try moving the cursor around. If the cursor moves, then you have fixed the problem. If not, then you have to do Step 1 and 2 a few more times to attempt to reset the pad.

  4. Restart the computer

    If the mouse still does not work, restart the computer by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination. Sometimes, a simple reboot clears any glitches that can occur and restores the computer to its normal operation.