What Are Some Typical Words Used to Describe Personalities?


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Typical words that are used describe personalities include Type A, Type B, introverted and extroverted. Common words used to describe abnormal personality traits include narcissistic, antisocial and borderline.

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Type A refers to people who are competitive, self-critical and goal-driven. People with this personality type typically have a sense of time urgency and can be aroused to anger or hostility.

People with a Type B personality are more tolerant, reflective and relaxed than those with Type A. They are also much less likely to develop high blood pressure or heart disease than Type A personalities.

Introverted people derive energy from concepts and ideas and require very little external stimulation. Extroverted people direct their energy outward towards people and things. They need more external stimulation, express emotions more outwardly and derive their motivations from other people.

People with a narcissistic personality have a constant sense of entitlement and extreme feelings of self-importance. They tend to be viewed by others as selfish, self-absorbed and intolerant.

Antisocial personality refers to people who lack empathy, disregard social rules and obligations, act impulsively and can be irritable and hostile. People with borderline personalities are defined by their sense of emptiness and fear of abandonment. They tend to be impulsive and emotionally unstable and have a pattern of intense but dysfunctional relationships with others.

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