What Are Some Typical Signs of a Female Midlife Crisis?

typical-signs-female-midlife-crisis Credit: Twee Art/E+/Getty Images

Typical signs of a female midlife crisis include depression, health anxiety, self-doubt and self-consciousness and a desire to regain a youthful appearance or lifestyle. Some of these signs may be observed by both males and females. However, depression tends to be more prevalent among middle-aged women than any other demographic in the United States, notes Medical Daily.

This higher rate of depression among women between the ages of 40 and 59 is likely to be related to the hormonal changes experienced by women during the postpartum period and the menopause, notes the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Women's health anxiety during a midlife crisis can manifest either as excessive worry about relatively minor illnesses or health issues or as an increased motivation to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier foods. This is often related to the desire to look and feel younger.

As women have increasingly matched the number of men in the workplace, the female midlife crisis has also developed some parallels with that of males, states Psychology Today. For example, career women who spend their earlier years focused on progressing up a career ladder by continually proving themselves may suddenly lost interest in doing so once they are past the age of 40. At this point, women may suddenly decide to change careers, or else leave the workplace entirely, in pursuit of a more meaningful identity.