What Are Some Typical Job Descriptions in a Baptist Church?

In a Baptist church, the job of the Senior Pastor is to act as the spiritual leader for the congregation. This entails giving sermons at services, performing weddings and acting as a counselor. A pastor also plans and oversees the church's program offerings and coordinates with associations and larger organizations.

A Baptist church also employs a Business Administrator or Executive Pastor whose job it is to manage the business, administrative and financial operations of the church, as well as the other church staff members. The Business Administrator/Executive Pastor may also control church inventory and administer payroll.

A Church Treasurer accounts for all funds received or disbursed by the church. Working in partnership with the Business Administrator, the Treasurer establishes a process for the collection and safeguarding of the church's donations. The Church Clerk is responsible for maintaining the church's records. This includes membership rolls, business meeting minutes, important correspondence and church history archives. The Church Receptionist is greets visitors to the church, prepares mailings, receives and distributes mail internally, answers phone calls and emails, and maintains a church calendar.

The Youth Leader is responsible for administering the children's programs at the church. This person helps church leadership develop age-appropriate religious education programs, purchases materials and supplies, coordinates youth outreach activities, and plans special outings or events.