What Is the Typical Dress Code in the Apostolic Church?

Males in Apostolic churches typically are clean-shaven, and they dress modestly, making their masculinity unmistakable in their hair and clothing styles. Females wear dresses with modest necklines, at least 3/4-length sleeves and hemlines below the knees. For males and females, wristwatches and wedding bands are the maximum jewelry allowed.

Females in Apostolic churches wear long, uncut hair. They reject makeup as immodest since they attach to it the belief that its purpose is to enhance sex appeal. Females do not wear pants, as they reveal the contours of the upper thighs and hips. Female members of Hour of Prayer Apostolic Church wear hats to church based on I Corinthians 11, which refers to the woman's hair as her glory and the need to cover it when she prays.