What Is a Typical Day for a Psychologist?

The typical day for a psychologist varies by the field of psychology and the type of employment. Common daily duties for a psychologist include checking e-mails, seeing clients, taking notes, studying literature, and taking part in team or supervisory meetings, according to Bright Knowledge. Psychologists must juggle several cases at once and give undivided attention to each client.

Psychologists who see clients in a traditional office setting speak to people with various backgrounds, problems and diagnoses. The psychologist listens and diagnoses each client, according to About.com. A psychologist in a school setting sees students with problems that relate to student success at school, such as failing grades or problems at home. Some psychologists engage in research, publish findings and teach at universities. According to Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky at CareersInPsychology.org, an academic psychologist structures each day, balancing classroom and student needs with personal research obligations. Psychologists format their appointment times and classes around personal needs and schedules.

Psychologists stay current on treatment methods and diagnoses through reading journals and popular media sources, according to Dr. Katherine Schneider of the University of Wisconsin. Psychologists also discuss client issues confidentially to gain professional guidance from others in the field, according to Bright Knowledge.