What Does the Typical Day of a Pastor Look Like?


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A pastor's days vary considerably and may include sermon preparation or deliverance, visiting with grieving families or church members who are in the hospital, training people for ministry, and community involvement. He may also spend time counseling church members, attending church meetings, performing administrative tasks or officiating at weddings.

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A pastor's daily schedule is, by nature, very unpredictable. He may be in the middle of writing his sermon when he receives a call informing him that a family has lost a loved one and requests his presence. After delivering a sermon, he may learn that one or more members of the church took offense to something he preached, requiring him to address their concerns as soon as possible. One of his clergy members might confide in him that she is having doubts about her abilities to offer guidance to church members, in which case he must work time into his schedule to offer her support and advice.

Some churches that have multiple pastors designate a different pastor as the on-call pastor each day or week. If so, the on-call pastor responds to emergencies. For instance, if a church member requires emergency surgery in the middle of the night and wants a pastor to come pray with him before the procedure, the on-call pastor heads to the hospital.

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