What Are Some Typical Characteristics of People Born Under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer?


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Some typical characteristics of people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer include creativity, loyalty, intuition, emotion, sympathy, persuasiveness and insecurity. Additional Cancer characteristics include sentimentality, tenacity, eloquence, suspicion and manipulation. People born between June 21 and July 22, under the sign of Cancer, are known for their moodiness, tender hearts and devotion to family according to LoveToKnow.com. They tend to be dependable, kind and hardworking, yet they can also be unforgiving and resentful.

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Cancers are family-oriented and tend to make good parents. They put family and friends before all else. Home is where they are most comfortable, though they do enjoy relaxing near water. They are sensitive and empathetic toward family, friends and co-workers.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is represented by the constellation Cancer, the crab. Cancer is a water element and is associated with the sea, rivers and other watery areas. People born under the sign of Cancer are compatible with people born under the signs of Scorpio and Pisces and make good marriages with people born under Capricorn. According to Astrology-Zodiac-Signs.com, lucky numbers for Cancer are 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 and 25.

According to Greek mythology, Hercules fought with the Lernaean Hydra. Hera, who had sworn to kill Hercules, sent a crab to snap at his feet during the fight. Though Hercules smashed the crab and killed it, legend says that Hera put a crab in the sky as a reward for its attempt to help her; that crab in the sky is the constellation Cancer.

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