What Are Some Types of Trees in the Rainforest?

Sirachai Arunrugstichai/Moment/Getty Images

There are thousands of species of trees in the rainforest, including the Euterpe precatoria, Ceiba pentandra, Cecropia engleriana, Socratea xorrhiza and Cocos nicifera. Rainforests cover approximately 6 percent of the Earth’s surfaces and are primarily located near the equator. The Amazon rainforest alone has about 16,000 tree species.

The different types of rainforest trees share many similarities. They grow to an average of 100 feet in height, although some species can reach up to 300 feet. The species of palm trees, such as the Cocos nicifera and Euterpe precatoria, have thin trunks and frond leaf structures. Trees in the Cecropia genus have umbrella-like leaves and large, thin trunks. They often produce fruits, which can result in about 900,000 seeds. Trees in the Ceiba genus have smooth grey trunks with compound leaves and wide, flat crowns.