What Types of Superpowers Do Some People Claim to Have?


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Some superpowers that people claim to have include super strength, X-ray vision, superhuman flexibility, the ability to breathe underwater, the ability to breathe fire, telekinesis and telepathy. Some people also believe that they are able to communicate with spirits. In most cases, claims to such superpowers are not scientifically verifiable.

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There are, however, a small number of individuals whose natural abilities exceed the norm to such an extent that their talents are dubbed "superpowers". There are many well-documented examples of this phenomenon.

One such person is Wim Hof, the so-called "Ice Man". Hof learned to master Tummo, a technique used by Tibetan monks to control their body temperature. By combining an unnatural amount of endurance and tenacity with the learned ability to control his body temperature, Wim Hof was able to run a half marathon in the frozen tundra 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Another person whose abilities could be dubbed "superpowers" is Ben Underwood. As a child, Underwood was blinded by cancer. Later on in his life, he developed the ability to understand the sound waves that bounced off of objects around him, effectively "seeing" in the way that bats do. In this way, he taught himself to skateboard, rollerblade and participate in martial arts.

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