What Types of Mushrooms Grow in Tennessee?

Some types of mushrooms that grow in Tennessee include the Wood Ear, Skull-shaped Puffball, Black Jelly Drops, Appalachian Chanterelle and Lion’s Mane. A comprehensive species list is put together by the Cumberland Mycological Society and updated yearly. The mushrooms found in Tennessee include a variety of both edible and poisonous species.

A variety of poisonous mushrooms grow in Tennessee, including the three most prolific groups of Amanitas, False Morels and Little Brown Mushrooms. Amanita mushrooms cause up to 90 percent of mushroom-related deaths across the United States, while False Morels may be mistaken for the edible Morel mushroom. A catch-all group known as Little Brown Mushrooms, or LBM, includes a variety of species found in Tennessee. Some specific species include Destroying Angel, Jack-o’-Lantern and the fairy ring mushroom called Green-Spored Lepiota.

The most popular edible wild mushrooms found in Tennessee include Morels, Hen of the Woods and Sweet Tooth. The Hen of the Woods can be found in oak forests and weighs up to 10 pounds. This mushroom has a pale tan color and resembles a chicken with ruffled feathers. It is typically found in the fall.

Morel mushrooms can be found in moist areas in the spring. They are small and creamy with brown, spongy heads. Sweet Tooth mushrooms grow on birch trees between August and November.