What Are Some Types of Masonic Clothing?


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Types of Masonic clothing include Masonic aprons, sashes and collars, and candidate suits and robes worn for meetings of some lodges and formal ceremonies. There are also everyday items, such as ties, shirts, vests and socks that feature embroidery depicting Masonic symbols.

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The Masonic apron identifies the member as a Mason and displays his degree, or level of status within the fraternity. The type and amount of adornments on the apron indicate the member’s degree. Some lodges do not require formal attire or ceremonial gear such as the apron at all meetings, but is always worn for special occasions and ceremonies, as well as functions such as funerals of fellow members. Aprons are always white lambskin or leather to represent purity before adornment.

Candidate suits and robes are worn by candidates for membership up to the third degree and are also white, with flares or ribbons of blue, green or red in some instances. Collars and sashes are also white, blue, green, red or black and often feature a jewel or Masonic symbol, such as the compass or T-square.

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