What Types of Information Can You Find in an American Catholic Directory?

What Types of Information Can You Find in an American Catholic Directory?

Maps of Catholic diocesan boundaries, details about foreign missions, listings of religious orders for women and men, and lists of priests' obituaries are some types of information in an American Catholic directory. An American Catholic directory also typically contains website and email addresses for Catholic institutions in the United States.

Both print and online editions of American Catholic directories exist. American Catholic directories are an exhaustive reference tool for locating Catholic resources for clergy and lay people. Alphabetized categories include activities, Bible study organizations, sacraments, liturgy and spiritual places.

Vacations, such as religious institutes for women and men or pilgrimage retreats, youth organizations, publications and shopping are some other categories. The shopping category encompasses products and services, such as fundraising supplies, investment advisers, church art, construction and church furnishings.

Annually updated comprehensive mailing lists consist of addresses for Catholic schools, seminaries, priests and pastors. The mailing lists usually reflect new assignments, appointments and personnel changes. Some directories provide the status of consolidated parishes, mergers, closures, the tax exempt status of Catholic organizations and sacramental records for parishioners.

American Catholic directories often feature statistical data about Catholic education, populations, ordinations, sacraments and retiring clergy. Online directories offer suggestions for Bible study, saints' biographies, videos of Masses, advertisements for Catholic products and services, and a search engine for locating churches and worship times.