What Are the Types of Humor?

types-humor Credit: Betsie Van der Meer/Stone/Getty Images

According to Psychology Today, different types of humor include put-down humor, bonding humor and hate-me humor. These terms are used to describe aggressive humor that satirizes a person's unique quirks, warm humor that is clean and good-natured, and self-deprecating humor in which the joker makes fun of himself. Laughing at life is another form of humor that pokes fun at the general silliness of life.

Put-down humor and hate-me humor both have the potential to harm others and create rifts in personal and professional relationships. A person's sense of humor is often indicative of his view of the world and himself. Therefore, someone who makes self-defeating jokes at his own expense is most often subtly indicating to others that he has low self-esteem.

People who engage in put-down humor commonly make derogatory remarks about friends and family behind their backs. Later, the jokers often deny the seriousness or harmfulness of their language when confronted about it.

Bonding humor is an effective way for people to grow closer to those they are fond of, and is often used by peacekeepers to diffuse the tension in uncomfortable situations. However, even bonding humor can be used in a negative way if the person's intentions are not truly amiable. For example, a person can appear to use bonding humor in the presence of a friend and then change his tone when the friend is not nearby.