What types of foods do African people eat?


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African cuisine is highly diverse based on country and ethnic group, but staples in the diet include maize and grain porridges and root vegetables. Regionally, the availability of fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat varies considerably, and staple dishes in one area of the continent are not present at all in other areas. Some of the most noteworthy African dishes include tagines, stews, curries and breyanis.

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What types of foods do African people eat?
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In South Africa, Pap en vleis, or maize porridge and meat, is a popular dish that includes the diner's selection of meat cooked to order by grilling or stewing, along with a serving of maize porridge. Piri piri chicken is a favorite in Mozambique. In this dish, a combination of coconut, peanuts, cashews and Piri piri chiles are used to create a spicy grilled chicken dish.

In West Africa, jollof rice, a dish thought to be the origin of Cajun jambalaya, and egusi soup, a soup made with ground bitter leaf and melon seeds, fried plantains and pounded yam, are favorites. Crisp-fried kapenta, a small freshwater fish, is a favorite dish in Zimbabwe, while grilled chambo, another freshwater fish, is a favorite in Malawi.

In Namibia, grilled venison is a specialty, while a spicy chicken muamba stew is popular in Angola, as well as many other regions around the Congo River. In Kenya, a popular dish is irio, a combination of mashed potatoes, peas, beans, corn and onion.

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