What Types of Food Do Islamic People Eat?

People who follow Islam eat a variety of foods that are shaped by Islamic dietary law. This law forbids the eating and drinking of certain items, but it allows just about everything else. Forbidden foods are called haram, while permitted foods are called halal.

Pork is one of the most salient forbidden foods in Islam. Surah 2:173 says clearly that observant Muslims must not eat the flesh of pigs. Other meats are acceptable as long as they die according to prescribed slaughtering practices. The slaughterer must slit the animal's throat quickly while intoning a prayer to Allah. Once the animal bleeds out, it is halal. For this reason, Muslims may not eat carrion, animals that have died of blunt trauma or animals from which scavengers have eaten. The Quran also enjoins them not to drink intoxicating beverages. As long as they follow these rules, Muslims may eat anything.