What Are Some Types of Dreams and Their Meanings?

types-dreams-meanings Credit: OJO Images/OJO Images/Getty Images

Falling, dying, having sex and being chased are just a few common types of dreams. While they can often have literal meanings, most of them represent subconscious fears, desires and observations.

Falling is often symbolic of a fear that one is losing control, perhaps of circumstances or emotions. Losing teeth is often represents a fear of weakness or aging. Dying in a dream is said to represent change that is needed or foreseen. Freud suggests that dreaming of hair is actually more symbolic of sex than dreaming of sex itself, although sex dreams are often literal.

Being naked in a dream is an experience shared by a majority of people, according to Rebecca Turner of World of Lucid Dreaming. She explains that it is representative of revealing one’s true self to others. In certain cases, it can also reveal sexual urges or a need for attention. People also often dream about animals and feel significance in their presence. In fact, animals do represent the psyche’s connection to nature.

Many people have dreamt about arriving at a test unprepared, which symbolizes a general fear of failure. Missed flights or rides are another form of this dream, which more specifically symbolize a missed opportunity.

Dreams can be taken literally or as signs from the subconscious as to one's perception of the world and role in it. They can be taken at face value, or the dreamer may wish to delve into more psychological connotations for a deeper understanding.