What Types of Discrimination Do People With Disabilities Face?

People with disabilities experience discrimination when others assume they are stupid, taxis pass them by, and they are ignored. Additionally, people in wheelchairs may be denied entrance to public events due to limited wheelchair seating, their parking spots may be taken by able bodied persons, and they may be unable to negotiate stairs in public places.

Employees at stores, restaurants or theaters commonly see a person with a physical disability and assume that he is mentally limited as well. Taxi drivers in urban areas often pass by people with disabilities because they may not want to navigate any extra needs that a person with a disability may have.

Stairs in public spaces can also be limiting to people with disabilities, make it difficult for a person with a disability to travel.

While discrimination is against the law, people with disabilities may experience harassment at work, or they may meet resistance by employers who are asked to make reasonable accommodations in order for the person with the disability to do his job. This is also true in the educational setting, where schools may exclude students with disabilities from excursions or extra-curricular activities. People with disabilities may also be excluded from school entirely.