What Types of Clothing Are Worn by People in Brunei?

The clothing worn by the people of Brunei varies depending on their religion. The majority are Muslims, and many wear Islamic clothing that covers up certain parts of the body, such as the torso and legs, and for women, the arms and hair as well. Many people in Brunei wear traditional two-part tunics called baju melayu and baju kurung, which are often bright, colorful and patterned.

The Muslims of Brunei generally wear the same kinds of clothes as the Muslims of Malaysia. Many Muslim women in Brunei wear a kind of headscarf called the tudong, which is longer than the regular Islamic headscarf, or hijab, and extends over the upper torso. Muslim men wear an oval-shaped cap called the songkok, which is usually black.

The female dress, the baju kurung is worn by non-Muslims as well as Muslims. It is loose and has long sleeves. The upper section reaches down past the hips and sometimes to the knees, and the bottom section reaches to the ankles. It is usually made out of silk. The male dress, the baju kurung, is similar to the baju kurung. It sometimes features buttons, and it is often accompanied by a fabric around the waist. Some people in Brunei wear non-traditional clothing such as short skirts and shorts, but this is generally frowned upon by the conservative Muslim population.