What Types of Children's Sermons Does Sermons4Kids Offer?


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As of 2015, the Sermons4Kids website offers youthful sermons on topics such as the meaning of Christmas, resisting temptation, caring for others in need and staying true to personal convictions. The website provides a small category index, allowing visitors to search exclusively for Old or New Testament sermons.

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Sermons4Kids showcases a weekly lesson, and users can register to receive them by email. The sermons adapt Biblical teachings to child-oriented scenarios while incorporating scriptural references and critical-thinking questions. The lessons also list the themes, objectives and related scriptures for each sermon at the top of the page. For example, the sermon ?Who Says? explores the topic of temptation by leading children in a game of ?Simon Says.? The sermon discusses the difficulty of resisting temptation by demonstrating how negative forces can trick disciples of God by making inappropriate acts seem safe and normal. The sermon is supported by Matthew 4:1-11, a story widely known as the temptation of Christ.

Another example is the sermon ?Tails... You Lose!? The sermon questions the wisdom of using fluctuating or conditional forms of decision-making, such as flipping a coin or consulting a fortune cookie. The sermon references the book of Matthew to explain that kids should make their decisions based on the word of God.

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