What Are Types of Bingo Games?

Tom Cockrem/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Bingo is a game of luck where players are given a 5×5 board with numbers on each square. The goal is to have enough spaces on your board filled out so that you form a row on your board horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However, there are many variations where different patterns are required to win.

While the common goal is to obtain only one filled row, there are many variations. With the letter “C,” bingo board, players fill out the first and last column and the first row, forming a “C” shape. The letter “U” variation, players fill out the last column and the first and last row, forming a “U” shape. The letter “X” bingo board requires players to fill out two diagonal rows, forming a letter “X. Four corners is when players have to only fill out the 4 corner spaces. Elimination Bingo is a game where all players stand up, and they only sit down if a space on their board is called. The last one standing wins. “Arrow” is a variation where players fill out one diagonal row and two spaces surrounding one of the points, forming an arrow shape. These are samples of types to the classic Bingo. Having players form different shapes on their board are the most common variations.