What Are Some Types of Aliens Featured in Pop Culture?


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Sometimes, aliens in pop culture are depicted as human-like, with certain altered features. Other aliens are depicted as smaller creatures, usually with wrinkles or animal-like features. Some aliens are designed to appear nightmarish with no easily identifiable form.

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One example of a human-like alien is the Doctor, who features on the long-running British television series "Doctor Who." While the show explains that he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, he looks like an average Englishman. Another example of an alien with mostly human characteristics is Spock, a character in the "Star Trek" franchise. Spock mostly appears human, with the exception of having extremely pointed ears. The television show demonstrates that Spock has supernatural abilities, such as mind reading.

A different type of alien depiction is found in Steven Spielberg's film "E.T." The brown-skinned extraterrestrial in the movie was smaller and more wrinkled than an average human. E.T. also has a very wide head and large eyes. Another animal-like alien was ALF, who starred in a television sitcom of the 1980s. ALF had brown skin and a pig-like snout.

The titular alien in the "Alien" film is an example of the more extreme depictions of extraterrestrials in pop culture. This alien bursts from a human chest and looks like a tube with a mouth and teeth. The "Predator" films also feature an alien creature that does not resemble a human or an existing animal.

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