What Type of Transportation Did the Chinook Use?

type-transportation-did-chinook-use Credit: Maya Karkalicheva/Moment/Getty Images

The main transportation for the Chinook were the dugout canoes that they used to traverse coastlines while hunting, fishing and trading during times of war. This type of canoe is made by hollowing out a fallen fir or cedar log.

The Chinook were well known as fisherman and their diet was based around salmon, although they also ate other types of fish. They also hunted birds, deer and other small animals and gathered roots, berries, seaweed and shellfish. Today, Chinook people still live on a reservation, which is known as the Chinook Nation and is located in the lower Columbia River region. It is like a small country within the United States, and it has its own laws and government. The Chinook people use modern transportation, including cars.