What Type of Reviews Does Shaw Carpet Receive?

Reviews for Shaw Carpets tend to be mostly negative on Flooring.net. Most reviewers on the site said they are very unsatisfied with the brand. The Home Depot reviewers gave one particular discontinued Shaw Carpet style mostly positive reviews.

There are 125 reviews for Shaw Carpet on Flooring.net with 81 of those giving the company a one-star, or a very unsatisfied rating, as of February 2015. There are 26 very satisfied reviewers who gave the company a five-star rating, while the remaining 18 reviewers fell somewhere in the middle. The Home Depot reviewers of the discontinued Berber Golden Wheat carpet tile-style gave the brand a total of 4.1 stars out of 5.

One Flooring.net reviewer said that his entire home subdivision had Shaw carpeting; the reviewer claimed the carpet was stretched and looked bad. Another reviewer said that 23 months after purchasing the carpet, high-traffic areas looked like “spaghetti” and were matted. A third reviewer complained that the carpet was too delicate to be cleaned with a powerful vacuum but required a vacuum with strong suction power to get clean.

One satisfied customer on Flooring.net said that after 14 years, the Shaw carpet in her home still looks great even on the high-traffic areas. Reviewers on The Home Depot website said they were generally happy with their Shaw carpet tile that is now discontinued. One positive reviewer said the carpet tiles were easy to install and looked great.