What Type of Questions Are on Personality Quizzes?


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Personality quizzes generally follow two different formats. The first format asks the test taker to rate themselves; the second format asks one to choose between different statements. These questions measure how one likes to work or their personal behavioral preferences.

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The majority of personality tests ask two types of questions. Some assessments use rating statements to evaluate personality and behavioral traits. Rating statements ask the test taker to rate themselves on several different phrases or statements. Generally, one rates these statements on an agree or disagree scale.

For instance, a personality quiz might have the statement “I enjoy meeting new people.” One can than select between strongly disagree, disagree, unsure, agree or strongly agree. Other personality quizzes require one to make choices. Usually a block of statements is listed and one must select the statement they feel is most similar to their behavior as well as the statement that is least similar to their behavior.

Most personality tests look at five broad domains to measure a person’s personality traits. While different tests might emphasize certain themes more than others, almost all of them look at a person’s extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience. Personality quiz questions have no right or wrong answers. Some quizzes may ask similar questions multiple times. This is simply to better measure a particular trait, not to trick the test taker.

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