What Type of Music Do French People Listen To?

Due to world globalism over recent decades, French people mostly listen to the same music as everyone else, according to Discover France. However, current French music is strongly influenced by serialism, electronic music and aleatory techniques. There is also a larger oriental influence than other Western countries.

Current French pop developed out of the strong cabaret style the country experienced in the past. The most common examples of current French music demonstrate strong melodic styles with an elegant, refined sound. Unlike other European pop, French pop remains very accessible as it is not distant nor unemotional; typical emotional themes include nostalgia, eroticism, romantic longing and sentimentality. Current French pop has strong influences from the melodic nature of the United States, but it is able to maintain its distinct emotional flair. Brigette Bardot is one of the most famous examples of early French pop.

Despite having a modern music scene that focuses on experimental electronic music, the French music scene has had strong traditional influences for centuries. In the period between the two world wars, French music experienced a strong neoclassical style, resulting in an easily accessible, crisp and direct style. The most prolific composer of this time frame was Erik Satie.