What Type of Media Is in Indonesia?


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The most prominent English-language Indonesian newspapers as of 2015 are the "Jakarta Post," "Indonesia Inside" and the "Indonesian Observer," while examples of large newspapers in Bahasa are "Berita Satu," "Harian Terbit" and "Bernas." Televisi Republik Indonesia is the public service TV channel, while Surya Citra Television and Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia are some important commercial channels, according to Press Reference. Radio also has a large audience in the country; popular stations listed by 101 Languages include Delta FM and IndoSound.

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While traditional print newspapers, as well as broadcast radio and TV, are still the most important types of media for the majority of Indonesians, Internet use is rapidly rising, and nearly all national and regional newspapers are now available online (although some require subscriptions). Many Indonesian radio stations now also offer streaming transmission online.

The largest radio stations tend to specialize in particular types of content. The most common are pop music, news and religious content, either Christian or Islamic.

There is a great variety of local newspapers throughout Indonesia, including in small towns, and some of them are written in the local languages. There are also Mandarin-language media, catering to the large expat Chinese population. That includes, for example, part of the programming on the all-news channel Metro TV.

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